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Providing the best insurance for your Employees

If you are happy with your current Employee Benefit Plan, Advisor and Insurance Provider then read no further. If you feel a second opinion on your Plan Coverage, Current Pricing,  Admin or Claims issue is needed, then please contact me, I'd be happy to chat.

Reap the advantage of tax-assisted benefits that comes with providing the appropriate health, dental or disability coverage for your employees. It all starts with a visit to insurance advisor Victor Woodhouse. I take the time to learn what your employees are looking for and what your budget permits. This enables me to provide you with custom tailored options to the owners, management and staff.

A well designed plan that is working properly, saves you time and money and lets employees know this is a great place to work! 

Need information on Personal Health, Disability  & Critical Illness Insurance...

Benefits News

             June 2024

32% of Canadian SMEs facing challenges in attracting employees: survey

Nearly a third (32 per cent) of Canadian small- and medium-sized employers are currently facing challenges in attracting employees, according to a new survey by ADP Canada.

The survey, which polled more than 750 Canadian business decision-makers and employees from SMEs, found, among those that reported difficulty attracting and retaining talent, 69 per cent said they’re taking action to  . . . 

            Read more here

Our Philosophy

We are NOT a "one size fits all" broker, and we will not waste your time or ours.
By taking 15 minutes on the phone or in person, we will both have a good idea of whether or not we can help you. If you have an advisor, insurance provider and plan designer who does what we do, then we will tell you and be on our way. We are an independent brokerage specializing in employee benefits for small and mid-size firms, typically located in York Region.

Our goal is to provide your firm with the most practical and best value in benefits for your specific business and employee situation. We may not offer the lowest price in the marketplace, but experience reminds us that the cheapest price today
often becomes the highest renewal rate increase tomorrow.


We understand that most clients would prefer more predictable and manageable annual increases in the 4 - 6 % range. This is easier to budget for and eliminates the extra work, errors, re-education and lost productivity associated with changing insurers. We are paid standard commissions that are competitive within the industry. We do not offer “fee for service pricing” as this can be expensive when setting up new cases, exactly what we want to avoid.

Choosing a Group Benefits Broker

Your choice should NOT be based solely upon price. All brokers can obtain similar pricing and, in general, we are all paid a similar level of compensation. 

Your choice should NOT be based on the insurer they represent. If a broker is truly a group specialist, they will deal with many, if not all, of the same insurers.

Your choice SHOULD be based on the broker’s knowledge, years of experience, and service commitment to you.

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