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Group insurance tailored to your Employee's needs

Key Questions posed during your Initial Insurance Consultation Service:

If you could change one thing about your group plan, what would that be?
Are your Group Insurance costs going up and you wonder why?
Do you want benefits for your employees that you can actually afford?
Would you prefer to deal with a local benefits specialist?
Has your benefit plan been a factor in attracting or keeping the employees you want?
As an owner, do you have all your family’s health and dental expenses paid by your company? 
Does this include deductibles and all dental work? need to speak with me, Victor Woodhouse.I help successful business owners build a better benefits plan than they can get anywhere else!

Gain the peace of mind knowing your workers are fully covered by a customized group insurance plan from a reputable provider. When you sit down for a consultation with me you will quickly realize that I'm an expert on service-oriented employee benefits for local businesses. Take advantage of my years of experience as we work to choose the right plans, providing your workers the best value and coverage. I provide diverse and flexible policies with total compensation packages that both appeal to your employees, and help you to attract and retain talent.

The Best in Group and Personal Coverages

In addition to traditional insured plans, we offer alternative plans, such as Healthcare Spending Accounts and Administrative Services Only Plans, (ASO). We also provide competitively priced individual benefits for smaller firms or special situations.

For your consideration, we will only present plans that match your compensation philosophy, budget and the strategic needs of your business. Our clients are small and
mid-sized businesses in Newmarket/Aurora, as well as Northern York Region. They want
a unique, custom employee benefits solution that gives the employer more control and flexibility.

A properly designed plan allows our clients to enjoy group benefits that are not merely an expense, but also a tax-effective strategic advantage that is tied directly into your compensation philosophy.Victor Woodhouse and his team pride themselves on providing ongoing education to their plan administrators. This ensures that your company’s benefit plan is administered efficiently and effectively and designed with cost controls in mind. It also ensures that employees receive the benefit coverage they are entitled to and helps to reduce any potential liability on the part of the employer.

                                                              To accomplish these goals, we review a number of benefit plan administration, human
                                                              resources, taxation and legal issues at each and every renewal.


When you work with me, you get an advisor who is approachable and responds quickly to all your questions. I am very proactive in evaluating your needs and saving you money by managing the plan’s cost. While I normally focus on group insurance, I can offer personal Life, disability and critical illness plans upon request.

Design of your Group Insurance Plan

It is important to have a health plan that covers your employees' individual medical needs.
Since I am an independent provider and not affiliated with any single insurance company, I have a diverse product range available for you.
I offer a full range of policies which include:

Dental - Extended Health Care - Life Insurance - Long-Term Disability Insurance - Group RRSP Plans

Healthcare Spending Accounts

Today's market has seen the rise in health care spending accounts (HSA), which offer employees
the choice to use their available funds benefits to obtain professional services that best suit their lifestyle. This option is popular amongst small groups and young employees.

Employee Assistance Program

An emerging benefit, the employee assistance programme (EAP) provides workers access to a variety of professional services on a short-term basis. The EAP helps your workers who are coping with life crises at a few dollars per employee. 

Included are confidential telephone and in person counseling as well as legal advice for many personal and family issues. A sample of the support provided includes family challenges, addiction/dependency concerns, financial struggles and eldercare issues.

Many employers like to combine this with the HSA to give workers the freedom to pick and choose what coverages best meet their needs.
I help successful business owners build a better benefits plan than they can get anywhere else.

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